Perigourdine gastronomy

A treat for the taste buds !

There are of course the essentials: Foie gras, truffles, Bergerac wines, strawberries, walnuts, porcini mushrooms, but did you know that? the Dordogne department also produces sturgeon, beer, confectionery, jams, cheese, honey … So many gustatory riches that make our dear department one of the jewels of French gastronomy. Who does not know the good products of Perigord, who has not heard of the richness of Périgord gastronomy? Come and taste it quickly!




It is thanks to the raw milk of the goats, which feed on the rich and varied vegetation of the Causses du Quercy  and the know-how of the producers that the Lot has its cheese with a prestigious name. It is small, very round, very soft and the shepherds of Causse already made it in the 15th century, the pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques carried it in their bags. It was then called “cabecou“.

LE FOIE GRAS DU Perigord - an exceptional dish



The Lot has many breeders, producers and processors who put their experience at the service of quality and taste. The South-West Protected Geographical Identification label attests and guarantees this quality and the origin of the products processed. Le Foie Gras is the “terroir” product par excellence, it is the thousand-year-old culinary specialty that has become emblematic of a certain French know-how in the field of gastronomy.




Mysterious, demanding and capricious, the Truffle stalks itself, is displayed in the markets and delights the palate “Tuber Melanosporum”, here is the scientific name of this precious mushroom which stirs up all desires. Lot is one of the leading truffle producing departments in France. There are plenty of ways to taste and cook truffles …